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Carbide Burrs

Carbide Burrs are great for removing scale and rust from stainless steel, steel and other materials. Abrasive Finishing Systems UK

With 11 different shapes and a large range of sizes make the AFS range of Carbide Burrs offer fantastic choice and also provide excellent performance on a variety of metals.

Of course one burr does not suit every job and that is why we have two distinct burrs, a diamond cut burr for hard metals such as stainless steel, steel and titanium as well as a fluted cut burr which is ideal when working on aluminium and soft plastics.

Along with the individual burrs, we have recognised that many customers work on wide range of materials, varying in shapes and sizes. This is where our Carbide Burr Kits have changed the game. We supply a set of Carbide Burrs with a diamond cut profile and a set with a fluted cut profile. Both these kits contain 5 different burrs and give you a choice when deciding which burr is best.

Recently, we have introduced a range of long shank burrs which allow you greater access when working on those hard to reach areas which normally would not be reachable with a standard burr. These are available individually but also as a set.

Follow this link to view the full range: