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Cibo Abrasive Flap Discs

FSC Zirconia flap disc and the FHCC Ceramic flap disc provide high quality finishing on stainless steel, steel and aluminium.

At Abrasive Finishing Systems we supply two main flap discs, the zirconia (blue) discs and the new high performance red ceramic flap discs. 

For many years the zirconia discs were the industry standard as they provide good stock removal and great value for money. However, Cibo Ceramics is changing perceptions.

We recommend our new Cibo Ceramic flap discs if any kind of aggressive stock removal is required on your workpiece. The red ceramic flap discs will out last and out perform the traditional blue zirconia discs, saving you money in the long run.

Our ceramic flap discs provide an excellent rate of cut on aluminium and improve the finish of your workpiece leaving you less work to do for your next steps.

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