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Cibo Finitools

Cibo Finitools For Metal Finishing. FinitEasy, Finipower & Finitube For All Stainless Steel Finishing.

Cibo Abrasive's range of Finitools allow you to grind, blend and finish metal surfaces and workpieces.


The Finitube tube and pipe sander is an innovatively designed belt sander that makes easy work of finishing stainless steel tubes and cylinder constructions. Sanding, grinding and polishing are all possible on the Finitube. We stock a large selection of belts for this machine which accomodate all processes as well as being able to provide made to order belts should you require a grade we do not stock.

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The Finipower variable speed grinder is available in 110v and 230v and allow aggressive stock removal to be done effectively using flap discs but can also run at a lower speed for the finer finishing of stainless steel using felt discs or the Rebel One Unitised range.

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The best and original fillet weld grinder on the market. Remove internal welds with aggressive discs and apply a mirror polished finish using the unitised and felt discs. Accessibility is no longer an issue with the Finit-Easy.

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Basic - Uses the traditional 4" diameter wheels with a 19mm keyway fixing. Sold as a machine only or in a kit with a range of consumables.

Pro - The premium satin finishing tool abrasive use an M14 thread. Wheels and tyres for this machine are 120mm in diameter and the handle is designed to be flexible in operation allowing you to follow curves very easily. 

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