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Cosen C-520NC


The Cosen C-520NC high performance bandsaw machine incorporates the very latest Smart NC-100 technology. Programmable up to 100 different jobs including quantity and length of cut. Kerf loss is automatically compensated for after data input and requires no manual calculation.

The heavy duty compact design, makes the C-520NC one of the most cost effective versatile models on the market.

Machine features:

  • Double column twin pillar machine inherently designed stable and square cut with superior performance levels.
  • Back tilted saw frame for long blade life.
  • Hydraulic shuttle vise assembly.
  • Smart NC – 100 Technology, programmable up to 100 different jobs.
  • Hydraulic blade tension and automatic blade breakage detection.
  • Double retracting jaws.


Cutting Capacity:

  • Round material: 520mm dia.
  • Square material: 520 x 520mm dia.
  • Rectangular material: 520 x 560mm dia.

Bundle Cutting Capacity:

  • Width: 250 x 470mm.
  • Height: 150 x 315mm.