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Cosen SH-250R


The SH-250R is a semi automatic hinge type horizontal bandsaw with a surpassing 260mm capacity. When compared to the machines with the same capacity, this model is the saw of choice. Incorporating the AH-250H saw head design, providing far better machine durability with its rigid saw frame structure.

One of the many advantages of this model is the compact design which typically requires less floor space when compared to other machines with the same capacity. highly recommended for tools shops, die casting manufactures and fabricators.

Machine features:

  • Saw head automatically rises after completion of cut unlike most other brands that require manual lifting.
  • Saw head return height can be adjusted according to the work height, improving working efficiency.
  • Hydraulic vises ensure workpiece is clamped tight and secure.
  • Wire brush driven by the pulley system, rotating at the same speed  as the blade effectively cleaning chips from the blade gullet, enhancing blade life.
  • Mechanical length stop.
  • Integrated coolant system.


Cutting capacity:

  • Round: 260mm
  • Square: 260 x 260mm
  • Rectangle: 260 x 300m

Highly recommended for tool shops and fabricators.