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Cosen SH-460M


The SH-460M is a semi automatic mitre cutting bandsaw with a cutting capacity up to 250mm diameter. Specially designed bed and swivel frame allow users to easily and accurately set angles.

Ideal machine for mass production environments as well as tool room applications.

Machine features:

  • Heavy duty cast iron swivel head for mitre cutting.
  • Mitre cuts right from 0 – 60º.
  • 4 speed transmission: 29, 46, 65, 98.
  • Hydraulic lifting of the bandsaw bow with an adjustable position switch when batch cutting.
  • Blade feed valve allows precise control of the cutting rate.
  • Large graduated display of angles when mitre cutting.
  • Vise jaws rotate when mitre cutting to prevent material moving.


Mitre Cutting Capacity:

  • Round: 0º: 250mm.
  • Round 45º: 230mm.
  • Round 60º: 110mm.
  • Rectangular 0º: 230 x 460mm.
  • Rectangular 45º: 230 x 230mm.
  • Rectangular 60º: 230 x 210mm.