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Cosen SH-500M


The SH-500M is a swivel frame mitre cutting bandsaw for material up to 330mm diameter. The versatile design ensures the material is clamped securely while the rotating bow allows the desired angle to be selected. Up to 60º mitre cutting angles are achieved  with a maximum cutting capacity of 500 x 280mm(wxh) on rectangular material.

Machine features:

  • Swivel saw frame design, ideal for mitre cutting.
  • Cuts from 0-60º right.
  • Hydraulic feed control provides an infinite range of cutting feed rates.
  • Rigid structure for accuracy demand under heavy cutting loads.
  • High performance, simple operation and maintenance.
  • Blade tension indicator ensures the correct tension for better blade life and cutting performance.
  • 330mm capacity on round material, 290mm cutting capacity on square and 500 x 280mm on rectangular material.


Mitre Cutting Capacity:

  • Round 45º: 290mm dia.
  • Round 60º: 220mm dia.
  • Square 45º: 290 x 290mm dia.
  • Square 60º: 220 x 220mm dia.
  • Rectangular 45º: 280 x 280mm dia.
  • Rectangular 60º: 280 x 200mm dia.