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Internal Tube Kits - Weld Removal & Finish

Internal Tube Kit For Weld Removal and Finishing Using Ceramic Flap Wheels and Abrasives.

Following an extensive testing program, we have created three processes that work quickly and effectively to produce consistent finish results every time. All the kits contain the right abrasive & finishing products plus the process information for finishing internal orbital welds.

Ceramic abrasive flap wheels for removing the weld, a range of high strength stars for refining sanding lines plus unitised and felt stars for enhancing the finish further. Three kits, available in 3 different diameter ranges:

1.  Grinding & removing internal welds to a P240/P320 finish (KIT/TUBE/SAT/)

2.  Grinding & removing internal welds to a 0.3 Ra finish (KIT/TUBE/PHA/)

3.  Grinding & removing internal welds to a mirror polished finish to the pipe (KIT/TUBE/MIR/)

Do not confuse the new Cibo ceramic flap wheels with the traditional abrasive flap wheels. Cibo Ceramics remove the weld consistently and quickly.

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