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M70 Bandsaw Blades


Large Diameter and Hardened Steel Applications

  • The M70 Bi-metal blade has been developed with the very latest alloying technology, Magnum Hi-Low.
  • Hardness achieved – HRC70.
  • M70 gives higher wear resistance than conventional M42.
  • The kerf dispersed type tooth shape makes chips finer, reducing cutting resistance.
  •  It maintains a positive cutting action and out performs other blades in production of large diameter working hardened steels.


  • High wear resistance
  • Reduced cutting resistance
  • High heat resistance
  • Higher tooth hardness than M42
  • Faster cutting rates of large diameter material
  • Increased accuracy

Cutting Applications

  • Tool Steel
  • Pre Hardened Steel
  • Hot Work Die Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Super Heat Resistant Alloy