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Modula SLIM

All the benefits of a VLM in the space of a vertical carousel 

Modula Slim is the smart choice for anyone looking for a vertical storage solution with complete flexibility.

You can store all sorts of materials and products in your Modula Slim: loose materials, containers (boxes, bins, packs, cartons, cases), small items, spare parts, coils, flasks.

The best of the LIFT technology built in a:

• 3 m2 of floor space

• 1,6 m depth

Modula Slim can

• Recovers floor space, making the most of storage density

• Reduces picking times

• Makes materials accessible to all operators, quickly and ergonomically

• Keeps stock levels and all warehouse items under control

• Integrates easily into your company processes by communicating with all ERP systems

• Tracks picking and refilling operations, identifying who did what and controls every access

• Eliminates picking and refilling errors by guiding the operator through the process

Make use of all the space inside your Modula SLIM without limits or constraints

• Total payload is up to 25,000 kg with 7 metres in height and no more than 1,6 m in depth

• You can make use of all the availabe space in your VLM thanks to dynamic trayheight storage: there are no fixed heights as the Modula Slim calculates the best place to put the trays and eliminates any wasted space between them

• With Lift technology and the way the elevator moves, there are no issues with unbalanced loads unlike with carousel systems

• Energy consumption is relatively low: less than 1.2 kW/h

• You can choose to power the warehouse with a three-phase (400V) or a single-phase (230V) supply

• Maintenance is limited: the V-Shape toothed belt transmission system is super quiet, requires no lubrication and its self-aligning pulley system means it’s super easy to install and adjust

• You can add all options from the Modula range such as visual aids, Put to light, access control systems, partitions, dividers and slotted tray walls to subdivide the trays