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Oracle Fluid Management System

ORACLE™ is the brain child of Steve Coull, Jemtech’s CEO.

Recognising that traditional approaches to metal working fluid management were both inaccurate and unreliable, and that all management processes up to that time were prone to human error and subjective interpretation - Jemtech embarked on a mission. That mission, started in 2014 alongside Technical Partner, The MTC (Manufacturing Technology Centre), Coventry, revolved around designing a robust, fully-automated metal working condition monitoring system. Painstaking research combined with using innovative approaches to capturing, recording and monitoring real time data has resulted in the development of Oracle™ - a unique fluid management system that has no equal.


Oracle™ - the next wave in fluid management - provides manufacturers with a proven, automated and cost-effective solution that allows real-time condition monitoring of metal working fluids in a machine tool’s sump, and the ability to access this information quickly and effortlessly to aid decision making and make their processes more secure.
Oracle™ ensures that all metal fluid activity is captured, recorded and reported including:

- the last machine clean out,

- fluid maintenance interventions and a full service history,

- data on tramp oil skimmers and extraction systems.

Oracle™ removes the human dimension from fluid management and control. Interfaced with an individual machine tool, each Oracle™ unit operates independently - automatically monitoring and controlling fluid conditions in the machine’s sump, and storing this information in the cloud for easy retrieval and display on the unit's dashboard, with remote access from PCs and tablets.

Oracle™ automatically monitors and then adjusts (when required) metal working fluid volumes, concentrations, pH levels, temperature and conductivity in the sump. This data is captured, recorded and stored…all without human intervention…to ensure process optimisation and reliability.