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Rapid Combi Discs (RCD)

The RCD range allows you to remove a weld and leave a 240 grit finish in one action when working on stainless steel. Abrasive Finishing Systems UK

The Rapid Combi Discs (RCD) range have made metal finishing easier than ever before.

If you are familiar with the range already you will undoubtedly have seen the RCD Medium disc in action, the disc which allows you to remove TIG welds and apply a 240 grit satin finish in one action.

But did you know there are more discs in the RCD family?

RCD Coarse - Will remove TIG welds from stainless steel tubes and put a 150-180 grit finish on your workpiece

RCD Very Fine - Will refine and improve a medium finish on stainless steel. Also ideal on aluminium tubes where the RCD Very Fine can remove a TIG weld and apply a fine, pre-polished finish to the workpiece.

For more information about the RCD range follow this link: