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SR-38 Type B


The SR-38 Type B sliding head lathe provides maximum functionality and capacity within a compact footprint. This model can easily be switched between guide bush mode (Swiss type) and non-guide bush modes with the ability to process raw material up to 42mm (in NGB mode). The independent X3 slide enables balanced cutting on the main spindle for maximum metal removal.

Fanuc’s high specification 31i-B5 control delivers full five axis capability enabling highly complex components to be processed. The Type B’s tilting B-axis tool post includes three front working and 3 counter-face tool stations for angular work on the sub-spindle.

The powerful sub-spindle with independent 8 station platen increases overlapped machining possibilities. The Y2 axis on the sub-spindle platen allows both cross working and front facing power tools to be mounted in any station.


DIAMETER Diameter 38mm / 42mm (NGB)
LENGTH Length 320mm / 95mm
GEOMETRY   Geometry


  • Standard machining diameter 38mm (42mm NGB mode)
  • Z1 Stroke of 320mm in Swiss mode (Guide Bush)
  • Switchable between guide bush and non-guide bush modes
  • Programmable B axis for angular machining on both spindles
  • Independent X3 slide for balanced turning operations (main spindle)
  • Hydraulic actuator (main spindle) for maximum gripping force
  • Built-in type main and sub-spindle for improved indexing accuracy
  • STAR MOTION CONTROL to minimize idle time
  • 8 Station sub-spindle platen for maximum overlapping