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Tebis for 3D milling

Invert in Tebis 3D milling strategies for roughing, finishing and residual stock machining include a wide range of solutions optimised for collision avoidance in specific work situations. For example, depending on the application, the tool automatically avoids collisions or areas at risk are reduced. The combination of precise simulation technology and smooth, slope-adjusted NC paths produces optimal traverse movements of the machine axes. Machining time is reduced to a minimum. 

Extremely user-friendly: 3D milling in Tebis includes functions for 5-axis simultaneous milling in the release direction as well as 3+2-axis milling with positionable axes. 

The most important strategies for 3D milling:

  • Direct milling on surfaces

  • End-to-end accounting for blanks

  • Tools protected during roughing in planes

  • Equidistant 3D- finishing

  • Precise residual stock machining with material tracking

  • Part-oriented milling along curves

  • Height-sorted fillet machining

  • Automated machining of ribs and slots

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