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Tebis CAD/CAM for CNC Simulator

With Tebis, all of your machines – with all their geometric and kinematic properties – can be simulated 1:1 in the virtual world. The virtual machine lets you generate collision-checked programs that are absolutely reliable and true to reality. You can simulate the machining operation directly on your desktop and check for collisions with all components. This enables you to ensure that only completely collision-checked NC programs are sent to the machine. The entire machining operation runs flawlessly, right from the start: Multiple machine operation and unattended manufacturing are easily possible with the CNC Simulator. Of course the CNC Simulator also provides you with an outstanding planning tool with which you can check feasibility in advance and prevent collisions. 

The Tebis CNC Simulator supports the entire spectrum of commercially available machine controls and all established machine types. The machine library comprises more than 800 virtual machine models from different manufacturers in 3,000 variants. If desired, we can measure your machines – including all auxiliary equipment – on site. 

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