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Tebis CAD/CAM For HPC Milling

High-efficiency roughing of cavities

In roughing, as much material as possible must be machined as quickly as possible. The entire cutter is often in contact. Therefore, Tebis uses a variety of options for full-cut handling and for full-cut avoidance.

In full-cut handling, feed rates are automatically reduced or full-cut areas are machined trochoidally. 

In full-cut avoidance – so-called adaptive roughing – the path layout is automatically adapted to the geometry without full cuts. Adaptive roughing strategies are especially well suited to components with many cavities. Hard materials can also be machined very effectively using these methods. 

In adaptive roughing, in contrast to conventional roughing, special HPC tools are used to achieve extremely high material removal rates with higher cutting speeds and feed rates, lower lateral stepovers and very large cutting depths – and time savings of over 60 percentare possible.

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