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Tebis CAD/CAM For Trim Machining

Greater productivity with trim machining for thermoformed and composite parts

Greater productivity through offline programming

Tebis 5-axis trim machining is often a great challenge: when trimming complex geometries, the tool must be guided at a defined angle (usually perpendicular to the part surface or parallel to a defined flank). At the same time, there must be no collisions with other part areas, clamping devices, and machine components. Therefore, it is a tedious process to create CNC programs for trimming in teach-in, blocking expensive manufacturing resources. You can regain this lost productivity using CNC programming in the Tebis CAD/CAM system. This applies to both vacuum-formed parts made out of thermoplastic materials and to parts made out of composite materials (e.g. carbon) as well as to parts clad with wood and with other natural materials.

The video bewlo shows trimming of an aluminum/plastic composite part for a center console. A collision-free CNC program for serial production is generated with just a few clicks. This requires that the tool tilt angle be changed within a tight space; the angle of the cut flank must simultaneously fulfill all functional and design requirements.

5- axis trimming video:

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