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Tebis for Milling slots

Tebis CAD and CAM for easy processes.

It is especially clear when machining ribs and grooves how important it is to combine CAD and CAM functions in a consistent overall process. First of all, a slot is not just a recess that does not penetrate through the part: Without appropriate experience, it is not even so easy to decide whether or not this recess is actually suitable for machining with a special milling program for slots. With special preparation functions, Tebis helps you find answers to important questions in advance and prepare the geometry accordingly: What part areas are suitable for the machining operation? How deep is the slot? Which slots can be milled and which ones require eroding? What strategies, materials, tools and machines are used? Do we mill in full, or do we first rough? 

Subsequent NC programming is simple thanks to the high degree of automation. Tebis also supports modern high-performance tools and powerful machine controls. Tebis lets you manufacture ribs and slots quickly, efficiently and at high quality. 

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