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The Yaplex Flexi

The Yaplex Flexi manipulator is a low-cost Handling System that offers optimum safety and ergonomics at an affordable price. Its design makes it suitable for many applications where flexibility is required. It features a lightweight articulated arm which allows 360-degree continuous rotation around the column. The Yaplex Flexi comes with a tool head designed for single handled operation (suitable for both left and right handed operators). The controls are built into the tool head and give variable speed control both up and down with speeds up to 60 m/min. This makes it one of the fastest lifting systems available. Electric and pneumatic versions are available depending on the application. It is ideal for such operations as repetitive pick and place processes, high frequency assembly, machine tool loading, lifting from enclosures, loading presses etc. The standard system comes complete with a safety hook which is suitable for attaching slings and other manual tools such as magnets and scissor clamps. Yaplex can also design and supply custom designed tooling / end effectors for either vacuum or pneumatic gripping. All Yaplex systems are completely failsafe and will never release the product in mid-air due to loss of air supply or any other reason. In the event of air supply failure, the handler will retain the product and stay exactly in place. The system can be supplied mounted onto a transportable mobile base plate for movement via fork or pallet truck if required.