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The Yaplex Vertical Balancer

The Yaplex Vertical Balancer is a pneumatic manipulator which can be supplied with either a column mounted swing jib arm, a double knuckle jointed arm or overhead mounted onto a X-Y tracking system. This high-tech balancer & manipulator allows loads to be lifted and tilted with ease. Because of the rigid lifting mast, it allows loads to be off set from the vertical mast by as much as 1000mm. It is ideal for such operations as machine tool loading, reaching into or under racking, lifting from enclosures, loading/unloading paint lines and loading presses etc. All end effectors / tooling can be designed to suit the customers exact requirements and are designed to suit the application. Depending on the component to be lifted, our expert team can design bespoke pneumatic clamping systems, magnets, vacuum attachments and mechanical grippers. This manipulator incorporates an auto weight sense pneumatic circuit, which once the load has been lifted, allows movement via gentle hand pressure on the component in any direction, up or down. The system is completely failsafe and will never release the product in mid air due to loss of air supply or any other reason. In the event of air supply failure, the handler will retain the product and gradually lower to the floor in a controlled manner. Alternative circuits are also available.