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Siemens Financial Services Ltd

About Siemens Financial Services 

Siemens Financial Services (SFS), part of the Siemens group of companies, is a reliable, long-term financing partner for manufacturers and equipment suppliers with more than 150 years of experience in manufacturing and access to global finance markets.  Our specially tailored financial solutions can help businesses purchase cutting-edge technologies from both Siemens and third-party manufacturers in a cost-effective way. We have expertise across different industry sectors to help your industrial productivity and support your success.

We understand that UK Industry, and specifically manufacturing, is still in a real need of credit support. We believe that delivery of credit will encourage customers to buy, assist vendors in selling to the UK market and remove the pressure of relying on extended credit terms or in-house financing in order to execute on orders.

Our Industry Finance offers: 
  • Access to the latest technology without use of capital funds or cash reserves
  • Simplified budgeting and financial transparency with fixed payments 
  • Often no deposit required, reducing upfront costs and improving cash flow
  • Stability and resources of the of the globally networked Siemens Group
  • Specialist expertise in each area of the UK industry sector
  • Cost effective alternative to banking or cash resources
  • Tailored finance solutions to meet your needs 
  • Finance of equipment from all manufacturers, including Siemens

Invoice Finance is a cash flow solution that can help businesses unlock the value of unpaid customer invoices, allowing effective management of working capital.

Our Invoice Finance offers: 
  • State-of-the-art online system with real-time access to funding
  • Immediate drawdown of all approved invoices
  • Leading technology with automated administration and easy reconciliation
  • 24/7 access to cash through a live system
  • As your turnover grows, your facilities can grow too
  • Experienced team to understand your business and build a bespoke solution
  • Debtor protection helps safeguard your business from bad debts and non-payments


Industry Finance:

T: 01753 434267



Invoice finance:

T: 01753 434268



Siemens Financial Services Ltd
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