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The University of Huddersfield has a long tradition of working with industrial partners on fundamental and applied research in advanced manufacturing, with a strong focus on the performance of machine tools, dimensional measuring machines and on the measurement and analysis of manufactured surfaces. Part of our portfolio is the UK’s Future Metrology Hub. Working with leading academics and industry partners, our vision is to transform the UK’s manufacturing performance by delivering significant improvements in the speed, accuracy and cost of measurement. This will be achieved by developing novel embedded metrology technologies and a universal metrology informatics system to integrate design, production and verification. We deliver focussed research for precision machining companies and original equipment manufacturers across the volume spectrum. Our approach is to combine in-depth knowledge of physical systems with the know-how to create virtual models to represent process behaviours. We provide new ways to interpret complex, fastmoving sources of data for systems where we need to infer information from indirect measurements.

We therefore provide research which blends a solid, robust approach to improve today’s manufacturing with creation of new knowledge for the next generation of productivity improvement. As an education provider, we promote learning through traditional degree programmes, research degrees, bespoke training or embedded knowledge transfer programmes.

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