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Verus Metrology Partners

Verus Metrology Partners

Verus will partner with our clients to deliver, install and support complete turnkey and validated bespoke metrology fixture solutions, anywhere in the world.

Our passion is metrology and our focus is on supporting our global clients with a team of experienced design engineers, metrology engineers and toolmakers that partner with you to create robust metrology solutions you can trust.  Today Verus operates from two advanced metrology labs in the UK and Ireland. 

Our three main areas of expertise are:                                         

  • Sub-Contract Metrology
  • Metrology Fixtures
  • Moldflow Analysis 



Verus Metrology Partners delivers a tailored subcontract inspection service that provides you access to the OEM expertise, experience and innovative technology our professional metrology inspection team offers.

  • Dimensional Inspection-From First Article Inspections through to Fit & Function Investigations, the Verus Dimensional Metrology service can help you shorten production cycles, identify and correct component problems, resolve disputes, improve quality controls and overall operational costs. We believe spending less can measure up. 

  • Validation Metrology Services- Verus Metrology Partners have launched a new full dimensional validation service using our bespoke metrology fixtures and our extensive range of inhouse metrology equipment and software. Our new rapid validation service will further support our partners with all the requirements of dimensional validation ahead of full production, which is based on three key components; speed, clarity and equivalency.

  • Calibration & Certification- One of our specialities at Verus is the certification of non-standard bespoke gauges and our experts have created a standard procedure for the inspection and testing of such gauges, developed over years of working closely with clients. We also calibrate and certify a wide variety of standard gauges, providing these services to a wide range of clients across numerous sectors. Our aim is to provide both accredited, traceable calibration and verification of both standard and non-standard gauges.

  • Metrology Equipment - Verus have the experience and provisions required to fulfil all your inspection service needs. Our dimensional labs are ISO:17025 compliant and fully equipped with a wide variety of Inspection Machines that are serviced and calibrated each year. All CMMs and Vision Systems are placed in a 24-hour monitored temperature-controlled environment. Our diversity of machine types and capacity allows us to offer you a tailored solution. 

At Verus Metrology Partners our focus is to add value to your product development and minimise your non-value add activities. The provision of our Sub-Contract Metrology service ensures shorter production cycles, improved quality controls and further cost reductions. To request a quote, Click Here.  

Verus Metrology Discount- Sub-Contract Metrology



Verus Metrology partners provides a complete metrology turnkey service; Metrology fixture design, manufacture and qualification.

  • Metrology Fixture Design- Verus will work with your metrology engineers to develop initial concepts and single station prototypes along with extensive project schedules.

  • Inspection Fixture manufacture- Verus manufacture large multi-station to highly complex single station inspection solutions for large or small components.

  • Metrology Fixture Qualification- Gauge R&R is preformed on all metrology inspection fixtures and can be shipped with a programme with onsite support for installation and qualification. 

Our Fixtures are designed to reduce operator interaction and to allow the maximum number of measurements to be taken with the minimum number of setups. To get a quote, Click Here



Optimize your injection moulding process using our expert certified Moldflow consultant to unlock your product’s full potential for injection moulding and beyond.

  • Fill, Pack & Wrap - Optimize your injection moulding process using early stage filling analysis to unlock your product’s full potential for injection moulding.

  • Cooling – Improve your part cooling by optimizing and evaluating cooling lane designs to bring down cycle times.

  • Core Deflection & Twin Shot Moulding - Capitalize on our knowledge of core shift and twin shot moulding to optimize your process.

With a Moldflow report to hand you can refine your product at the design stage leading to savings throughout the entire injection-moulding production-cycle. To find out more, Click Here.

Quality Management System Certified to ISO:9001     

Fully compliant and currently in the application process for ISO:17025

Verus Metrology Partners
Unit 7, William Lee Building
52° 56' 10.5828" N, 1° 11' 3.6312" W
+44 (0)115 967 7807


The Verus Ultimatum
The Verus Ultimatum
Verus Metrology Partners- Brochure
Verus Metrology Partners Brochure