MTA Business Survey – June 2024

Trends for sales and orders are a month-on-month comparison; if you don’t have the figures for May (or March for question 5), please enter “don’t know” – if you replied to the previous survey, we will use the figure you supplied then.

1) What is your level of business confidence compared to the previous month?(Required)
4) What was your level of inquiries compared to the previous month?(Required)
6) Compared to the start of the month, do you expect your overall activity level by the end of July to be:(Required)
Up >20%Up 10-20%Up 0-10%SameDown 0-10%Down 10-20%Down >20%Not applicable
8a) Which, if any, of the following issues are seriously restricting your level of activity?
8b) If "Orders" is a constraint in part 8a, what are the most significant reasons for the lack of orders?