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Seiki Systems launches next generation software - Seiki AIR

Seiki AIR - Manufacturing Operations Management Software

Seiki Systems has launched a next generation browser-based version of its established manufacturing operations management software, Seiki AIR.

Faster, easier and lighter, the software builds on the success of previous versions, delivering users actionable insights into their manufacturing activity and performance.

Seiki AIR comes with a host of new features and live data capture and display options that provide users with the best tools for an integrated, collaborative and controlled approach to the production process. In addition to enhanced versions of previous generation features, these exciting new features include a digital batch card, weekly order promise screen, first off inspection traceability, user notifications and performance dashboards on the shop floor.

As well as rapid implementation it offers standardised machine connectivity and seamless integration with ERP/MRP/APS systems to ensure a fast and affordable entry point into digital manufacturing.

A versatile role-orientated solution, Seiki AIR will provide users in any manufacturing environment with the flexibility to make fast and informed decisions. The interface has been specifically designed to be uncluttered and easy to navigate to make it easy for users to carry out daily tasks and track progress towards performance targets.

Seiki AIR is available now...find out more here