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Tebis at EMO

This year, along with a series of exciting new software developments associated with our complete and highly automated CAD/CAM/MES systems, Tebis will also be presenting customised manufacturing processess at the EMO (Hall 9, Stand D15, 16-21 September in Hanover, Germany).

The technology topics that will be presented at EMO include the following: 

NC programming with digital twins:

Tebis CAD/CAM/MES models the real manufacturing world using equipment on a one-to-one basis in the virtual world. This includes all machines with their geometric and kinematic properties as well as clamping devices and tools.

Template-based programming with Tebis Automill technology:

Tebis automatically evaluates the digital CAD part model, eliminating manual effort. The key: Tebis uses a stored structure of digital representations of the manufacturing environment in the company to calculate the NC programs. Your manufacturing knowledge is saved and can be referenced at any time in the templates and Job Managers.

A new feature is the process library, in which Tebis combines the digital twins of all clamping devices in a single environment. Users quickly and easily define the clamping situation, based on the library, and can check it for feasibility and collisions throughout the entire NC programming process.

Measurement during the process:

Capital-intensive investments – such as highly automated machine tools – are optimally utilised with unattended operation in night shifts. Quality checks must be integrated in the machining process to enable unattended night shift production. The Tebis Job Manager reliably enables integrated quality control to ensure subsequent error-free manufacturing.

All orders can be transparently planned and controlled with MES / ProLeiS. Tebis’ software supports you from order receipt to final delivery. This means that users can optimally use their resources to manufacture on time and ultimately reduce costs

Tebis is demonstrating its capabilities as a comprehensive solution provider – with its combination of software, services and consulting. The highly automated CAD/CAM/MES system is continuously updated and further developed to meet the changing user requirements.