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Drilling and cutting of niquel for nuclear sector

A new IBERMACH machine goes to destination. On this occasion, marking a milestone in the history of our solutions, this combines chip removal and cutting for the nuclear sector.

Meaning a new diversification project in terms of sector and application, this BCG.40 and cutting Guillotines have been designed for drilling and cutting Nickel parts. As an added complexity, the machines and elements in contact with the part have had to be designed and manufactured in stainless steel not to pollute the material, ensuring 100% a successful analysis.

Being Russia the final destination, this machine is oriented to quality checking processes within a fully controlled and robotized environment. All this environment being design and managed by our new collaborator, Teymasa Filling Solutions.

The BCG.40 will drill and absorb the resulting chips with a vacuum suction system for further analysis. For those who don’t know it, nickel is a very complex material to machine because of the high temperatures it reaches during the machining process. Having an added difficulty, the part has to be machined without the use of either MQL or coolant that can contaminate the sample.

As a solution to both conditions, the machine is equipped with a cooling air blowing system that reduces the air temperature between -20 to -45 degrees, depending on the regulation.

What would you say if I told you that the machine does not clamp a rectangular piece of 1650x950 from each and every edge? This solution has been designed for reduced space, clamping by use of a mobile hydraulic cylinder that secures the part from above while it is machined from below. This not only reduces the volume of the machine but it also results in a considerable investment reduction in terms of material, hydraulics, electronics, programming, etc.

Moving on to the cutting process, the guillotines will cut two protrusions of the piece, which will reach them through a plant-wide feed system designed by our new collaborator.

Teymasa Filling Solutions is a company located in Reus. With a highly qualified, professional team and innovative solutions, this new cooperation between the two companies has resulted in a more than valid response for a very complex project.

We are very happy with the result and delighted to have started a new relationship with Teymasa Filling Solutions. We hope this will be the first of many projects together.

Congratulations to all for the hard and great work!