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New machining slide design

In ERLO Group, we are committed not only to keeping at the edge of machining and deformation solutions, but we continue to invest in product improvement for a better service to our customers.

Do you have problems with protection bellows? Have you designed a vertical machine where you’re not able to pick up the bellows well after multiple cycles?

These requests and many others are what have led us to develop a new standard slide design equipped with own designed scraper.

With strokes of 200mm (CA.16), 250mm (CA.30) and 320mm (CA.40), this new model does not require stainless steel protection bellows nor any other.

The base of the trolley is machined and coupled with a new cleaning system of our own design and manufacture. Benefits:

  • Cleaner.
  • No distance limitation due to bellows shrinking.
  • More efficiency.
  • Easier and cheaper maintenance.

Is this familiar to you? Do you want to know more or see this new design? Click here and access our YouTube account to watch the video.

It ERLO Group we listen, attend, care and try to give the best response to our clients' queries and problems.

"You explain the problem, we provide the solution."