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Fifths hydraulic broaching machine on it's way

A new IBERMACH machine leaves our facilities. With a relationship that dates back to the beginning of 2015, CSA-Yubei is preparing to receive the fifth (5) IBERMACH broaching machine.

With a trust relationship of more than 5 years, CSA-Yubei continues to rely on ERLO Group to meet its new production needs.

On this occasion, the broaching machine evolves from a button panel and standard hydraulic system to a solution based on proportional hydraulics and tactile digital screen. This standardized system in our hydraulic presses has multiple advantages such as; the omission of need for manual adjustment of valves and pressure switches, possibility of total control and automatic adjustment through a panel, etc.

Technology evolves, times change, but the essence remains. At ERLO Group, we take care of our customers to create links and relationships that endure over time, and here’s the proof.