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Re-brand for UK Spindle Repair Company

Spindle Revolution logo

Renowned spindle repair company Spindel Doctor UK has today proudly announced the official launch of its new corporate rebranding and redesigned website.  Now known as Spindle Revolution Ltd, the company will continue to offer industry leading, quality spindle repairs with greater focus on more technically advanced, high precision CNC spindles. 

Utilising the latest vibration analysis and precision balancing technology along with a rapid repair service, Spindle Revolution has adopted the motto ‘Excellence as Standard’.

Managing Director Mr Julian Kear confirmed, “At Spindle Revolution we are committed to providing an unsurpassed customer experience and have worked tirelessly to ensure we continue to provide industry leading repair solutions.  Our engineers carry the latest equipment which enables highly efficient and accurate diagnosis of a variety of spindle conditions.  Axial and radial run out, clamping force, bearing vibration and encoder signal quality are just a few of the measurements we make whilst onsite.   

 We have the knowledge and experience to take care of all spindle and taper types, and can even replace motor windings when necessary.  Our fully qualified and experienced technicians will remove and refit the spindle at the customers premises to ensure a seamless return to production.

All of our repaired or exchange spindles are delivered to the customers facility in an as new condition, thoroughly tested, precision balanced and ready to install.  Also included is comprehensive documentation detailing the repair process and final test results.  

The utmost care and safe transit of the spindle is of paramount importance following the repair process.  For this purpose we utilise special wooden shipping crates to protect your investment.  

We also take the logistical headache away, managing all transportation, even with our dedicated courier service if required.  On top of all this, the customer is able to save up to 50% on the cost of a new spindle.”

Spindle Revolution has the memorable URL ensuring an easy means to contact the team, and provides essential information about their numerous products and services available.

Spindle Revolution Ltd