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Social Distancing Solutions

As businesses in the manufacturing industry are considering how they need to adapt their environment to meet the Government’s social distancing guidelines and work safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, we look at how digital solutions can help people stay connected and keep operations running smoothly.

Go Paperless and Stay Connected

Deliver production and manufacturing information paperlessly to the shopfloor. Make sure your machine operators have all the latest, approved information and files for each operation at their finger tips, when they need it.

Similarly, interactive, dynamic digital work queues and batch cards, ensure that every change to the production schedule or works order requirements is immediately communicated and shared with the shopfloor. This minimises unnecessary physical transfers or checks of documentation. It also helps if you’ve got office based staff working from home.

Users can attach files and add comments to help to maintain lines of communication and information sharing, whilst simultaneously enriching your production records with metadata.

Easy Access and Live Visibility

Browser-based software that will run on almost any device, means users don’t have to share terminals. They’ll just need the URL and their login details.

To minimise unnecessary walkabouts, view the live status of each connected resource/machine and currently active operations remotely on Dashboards and Andon screens. Notifications and Dashboards will also help make you aware of any problems, such as non-conformances or machine alarm conditions as they happen. As you’ll also be collecting and analysing performance data, you’ll also get early indications of potential/emerging problems, which will give you time to plan ahead, co-ordinate resources and people, and take any necessary steps to prepare the area.

Digital solutions are there to help your team to continue working together safely, within social distancing guidelines. If you’d like to speak with one of our experts about a social distancing solution for your manufacturing facility, call us on 01273 666999 or email