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Webinar: Using Presetters to Power-Up Efficiency

NIKKEN are proud to announce a new series of webinars showcasing the latest cutting-edge solutions and enhanced technology. The first webinar of the series questions the advantages of pre-setting off-line versus on machine measurement.

Aimed to provide the ultimate insight into pre-setting, Dr Ray will be walking attendees through the possibilities and versatility a Presetter can provide, from the fundamental advantages to the latest in advanced technology and software, with a direct application to real-world manufacturing environments.

Coming to you live from the NIKKEN Innovation Centre on the 28th of October, Dr Nathan Ray will also include a demonstration of Elbo-Controlli NIKKEN’s latest advanced pre-setting technology and feature a Q&A session discussing the direct cost-saving and accuracy benefits from introducing pre-setting capabilities to your tool room and/or shop floor.

For more information or to register your attendance, please visit: