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Sheffield Based Tool Manufacturers Remove 90% of Swarf from Honing Oil with Magnetic Filter

OSL Cutting Technologies

Eclipse Magnetics has provided OSL Cutting Technologies with an AutoMag Skid magnetic filtration system to remove magnetic and para-magnetic contamination from oil used in its Walter grinding machine. Since the installation of the AutoMag Skid magnetic filter from Eclipse Magnetics, approximately 90% of swarf material has been successfully removed from the oil.

Market Leading Supplier of Specialist Tools

Based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, OSL Cutting Technologies is a market leading supplier of specialist tools for the industrial engineer and fabricator. Products include magnetic drilling and hole cutting systems for a diverse range of applications including sheet metal and fabrication, general engineering, construction and utilities, electrical, automotive and transportation accessory fitting, and general trades and DIY. OSL Cutting Technologies utilise 3 Walter tool grinding machines to aid them in the manufacture of components used to make its products.

OSL Cutting Technologies had previously used a number of different filtration methods on its Walter grinding machines, including 2 MicroMag magnetic filters from Eclipse Magnetics. However, due to the high volumes of oil passing through these smaller filtration units, they quickly became overwhelmed with contamination and the build-up of sediment.

Problems with Contaminated Oil

With contaminated oil still passing through the grinding machines, the quality of the grinding process was compromised. Machine operators had to clean out the filters manually, resulting in machine downtime and labour costs. The collection of contamination in the grinding machines also affected the bellow machine covers in use on the Walter, resulting in their frequent replacement at a cost of approximately £3000 per year. In addition, the swarf material that was removed from the machine was saturated with oil, which OSL Cutting Technologies had to pay to have removed and disposed of.

Extending Machine Life and Saving Money

The effective removal of swarf from the oil using the AutoMag Skid magnetic filtration system from Eclipse Magnetics has resulted in extended lifespan of machine components, including bellows, saving OSL Cutting Technologies £3000 per year. Cost savings are also made regarding man power, as operators no longer have to clean out the filters manually. Cleaner oil means that it can be used for longer periods of time, therefore reducing costs.

The filter has also reduced the disposal costs of particulate removed from the oil. Previously, OSL Cutting Technologies had to pay for the disposal of a thick, oily paste which carried the metal particulate. The metal particulate removed by the AutoMag skid is much drier with substantially reduced oil content, and can, therefore, be sold as scrap.

Magnetic Filter Exceeds Expectations

David Hukin, Works Engineer at OSL Cutting Technologies said: “The AutoMag skid has exceeded our expectations; we are more than happy with its performance. 90% of swarf material is now being successfully removed from the oil, which is a massive improvement and results in plenty of cost savings for us.”

AutoMag Skid Magnetic Filter from Eclipse Magnetics

The AutoMag Skid is an effective self-contained filtration and fluid recovery system with fully automated operation, minimising fluid loss during cleaning and ideal for the company’s tool grinding machines. The filter holds the contamination until it is released during the automated 'purge' process, which briefly diverts the filter's purged output so that fluid carries all the contamination to the buffer tank. The buffer tank then feeds the contaminated fluid to the high-intensity coolant roller, and the magnetic coolant roller removes the contamination from the fluid. The clean fluid is then put back into circulation, and the contamination is extracted in a form ready for disposal or recycling.