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A centering vise with excellent repetition accuracy and no pre-clamping

Prianha Clamp vise

Piranha-Clamp - 100% manufactured in Switzerland, offers numerous performance advantages for the user. Featuring specially hardened and coated twin cylindrical jaw guiding system, the Piranha-Clamp centering vice ensures high repetition accuracy and extreme clamping power.  

Material loss and billet size are kept to a minimum by using 3mm serrated clamping jaws, which, due to the tremendous clamping forces employed on the vice means no pre-clamping (crimping/stamping) of the component is necessary and considerably reduces overall production times. 

Optimum results are achieved with the use of The Piranha Clamp zero-point clamping system, resulting in a machine interface with a repetition accuracy of better than 0.01 mm.