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ZEISS to launch latest innovation in X-ray technology


ZEISS to launch latest innovation in X-ray technology

Join ZEISS on Tuesday 8th June as they unveil the brand-new addition to the ZEISS X-Ray Series

As part of Innovation Rocks, ZEISS will be hosting a virtual product launch on Tuesday 8th June 2021, unveiling a brand-new addition to their existing line-up of X-Ray systems.

The product launch will take place on the opening day of ZEISS Innovation Rocks 2021 – Rock 1: Discover the new level of simplicity in CT technology. Watch the product launch at 8am or 4pm, followed by a deep-dive webinar at 8:30am or 4:30pm, for further insights into the new X-Ray system from ZEISS.

Customers can look forward to a brand new X-ray system, that makes the entry into CT technology easier than ever before, offering:

  • Easy Handling
  • Small Footprint
  • Precise Measurement
  • Fast Return on Investment

           For more information about the launch shows and to register for the webinars visit:     

Discover more from ZEISS Innovation Rocks

          Virtual Events 8th - 16th June 2021

          The X-Ray launch is being held as part of the ZEISS Innovation Rocks virtual event series, with each event presenting relevant product               innovations, application trends and best practices. Other topics include:


  • Quality assurance for medical standards
  • Unleashing hidden efficiencies in the manufacturing process
  • 3D scanning with #HandsOnMetrology
  • ZEISS Metrology Portal

          Download the complete agenda, add the shows to your calendar and register for webinars at: