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MTA Respond to the publication of the Government’s Industrial Strategy White Paper

Responding to the publication today of the Government’s Industrial Strategy White Paper, MTA CEO James Selka said:

“We welcome the Industrial Strategy, the importance that the Government has placed on it is a positive sign for UK manufacturing. We are pleased that the Government has recognised that one of the biggest problems of industrial policy in the UK has been that it has buffeted by day-to-day political considerations and has therefore agreed with the proposal of the MTA, among others, to establish an independent Industrial Strategy Council. We look forward to working with the new body to evaluate the success of the Industrial Strategy, and hold Government accountable over it, over the months and years to come.  

“We are pleased that the Strategy identifies the Catapults, in particular the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, as one of the most successful innovations of recent years and pledges to improve their funding.

“The Strategy also highlights the Made Smarter Report, which anticipates a Sector Deal for Industrial Digitalisation. The MTA is very supportive of Made Smarter which has the potential to make a real difference to the uptake of, productivity boosting, digital technologies.

“We were disappointed however that the White Paper has not carried through the reference in the Green Paper to the importance of Government supporting Trade Shows. In sectors such as Manufacturing Technology these are essential forums for companies to enter, and sustain themselves, in markets.”