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Policy Input

City and Guilds – T-Levels
From September 2022 there will be an opportunity for students to undertake a T Level Technical Qualification within Engineering and Manufacturing. T-Levels are two-year course, which are being developed by City and Guilds in collaboration with employers so that the content meets the needs of industry and prepares the learners for the world of work.

City and Guilds are developing three path wards within engineering and manufacturing, as follows:

  • Engineering and Manufacturing: Manufacturing, Processing and Control.
  • Engineering and Manufacturing: Maintenance, Installation and Repair.
  • Engineering and Manufacturing: Design and Development.

The MTA sits on the Engineering and Manufacturing Employer Industry Board (EIB) at City and Guilds and can input directly into the development of the Engineering and Manufacturing T-Levels.
Further information about the Engineering and Manufacturing T-Levels can be found here: 

The Design and Technology (D&T) Association
The D&T Association is the membership organisation which provides advice, support and training for individual involved in teaching design, engineering, and technology. They work closely with government, awarding bodies, Ofsted, and other regulators, advising on the curriculum, and lobbying on behalf of the subject.
The MTA is a corporate partner of the D&T Association, and work with them to help promote the value of design, engineering and technology as a subject and the range of careers and opportunities to which it can lead.
To find out more about the D&T association and the work that they do please visit their website: 

Intermediary Ambassador Network
The Intermediary Ambassador Network (IAN) is a national community of individuals and organisations who look to promote and champion apprenticeships, T-Levels and traineeships by sharing the latest news and information with their members, partners and stakeholders.
The MTA is a member of the network and distributes any information received through the network through our Friday Brief newsletter and through out social media channels. The network also provides an opportunity for the MTA to feed directly back into government on apprenticeships, T-Levels and traineeships when required. If you would like to find out more about the Intermediary Ambassador Network then please email