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Key Messages and Basic Facts

The Manufacturing Technologies Association represents companies in the UK that drive innovation and technology in engineering-based manufacturing.

The advanced technology developed and applied by our sector enables UK manufacturing to innovate and improve. Our companies’ products feed into a wide range of technology driven industries both in the UK and abroad.

Engineering-based manufacturing is a British strength, and we are justifiably proud of our members’ achievements. However, in a globalised and competitive world, the sector must continue to move forwards. We believe that there are six areas where this momentum is imperative, and these areas form the key messages of the MTA.

1. A vibrant engineering based manufacturing sector is essential as part of a balanced, thriving, economy

2. Manufacturing exports are vital to the UK’s prosperity

3. Engineering based manufacturing demands a highly skilled workforce - it also provides a secure employment base in many areas of the country

4. The manufacturing technology industry is at the forefront of technological change

5. Manufacturing technologies will play a vital role in transitioning to a lower carbon economy

6. As part of a profoundly global industry the manufacturing technology sector understands globalisation and can make a positive contribution to the UK’s competitive position

You can download a fuller account of the Basic Facts here.