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MTA'S Role

The MTA represents a key manufacturing constituency in the form of the constructors and suppliers of manufacturing technology, the essential wherewithal to manufacture. For this reason the association has long had a central role in manufacturing policy. This is still very much the case today. The MTA operates not only on it own but through a network of alliances and memberships to represent the UK's engineering based manufacturing sector, with a particular emphasis on SMEs. Involvement in the CBI is key as is the MTA's role in EAMA, an umbrella body - hosted by the MTA - which brings together eleven trade associations covering the whole of the UK engineering based manufacturing sector, again with a focus on SMEs. The MTA is also a member of the Manufacturing Alliance of leading organisations from across all manufacturing sectors and of the Associate Parliamentary Group for Manufacturing.

In Europe the MTA is a member of CECIMO, the European association for constructors of machine tools and CELIMO the European association for distributors of machine tools. We are also members of ORGALIME the body that represent the whole mechanical engineering sector at EU level. Globally the MTA is part of a network of similar associations representing manufacturing technology producers and regularly participates in global events in markets such as the USA, China, Japan, India, Russia and Brazil.