The government has asked that we highlight the new, temporary, self-certification period for sickness, increased from seven to 28 days.  Employers cannot ask employees for proof of sickness until they have been off for 28 days or more, effective from December 10th 2021.  The 28-day rule expires on January 26th 2022, when the period reverts back to seven days.

The temporary measure was introduced by the Department for Work and Pensions to free up GP time for the coronavirus booster campaign. guidance:

Meanwhile, ministers at BEIS are keen to understand the impact – if any – of the latest surge in Covid on manufacturing.  They are aware that the machinery and component supply chain has managed coronavirus well but would welcome an update on the position as employees return to work after the Christmas break.  If you have any specific information that you are willing for us to pass on to BEIS, please email either Geoff Noon at MTA ([email protected]) or Jack Semple at EAMA ([email protected]) – this will, of course, be entirely confidential and will be passed on anonymously.

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