The Department for Business & Trade (DBT) website offers the opportunity for UK suppliers to promote their product and services to overseas buyers with the endorsement of the UK Government. The website is used by DBT based in the UK and overseas to source UK companies

Overseas companies can click onto the following website: to obtain lists of products that UK businesses can provide in many sectors incl: advanced engineering, automotive, aerospace, mechanical, electrical process engineering, metallurgical process plant, metals minerals and materials, railways, software and computer service, oil and gas etc.

In order to add your company to the list click onto: – scroll down to Find a Buyer – click – then this takes you to Account. Select – Business Profile which includes business description, products and services, and expertise. Then click on the Personal Details tab. Once completed, this will add you to the list of suppliers.

UK Companies can access overseas sales through the Export Opportunities tab in selected overseas regions/countries on the UK companies can also set up email alerts of potential leads in their field.

If you are an exporter, we would recommend that you complete the above to showcase your products on this high-profile online platform which is free of charge. Contact: [email protected]

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