As a valued member of the MTA we are reaching out to ask if you could support the Education and Development zone by providing apprentices to lead guided tours of the exhibition. The E&D Zone is fantastic opportunity to directly engage with the next generation of engineers.  

 We will be providing guided tours of the MACH 2024 exhibition for all our school groups. Your apprentices will be the at the forefront of the E&D zone engaging with their groups answering any questions and ensuring they tour the venue in a timely and safe manner. Apprentices should be prepared to be asked about:  

  • Your company  
  • The work that they do on a day-to-day basis  
  • What they enjoy about their apprenticeship  
  • How they got their apprenticeship  
  • What advice they would give for someone wanting to enter the industry  

As a guide, we would like the apprentices for the tours to arrive at the MACH 2024 E&D Zone no later than 09:15 on all days that they are attending.  The tours start from 10:00 but student groups will be arriving mainly between 09:15 and 10:00.  Tours of the show should finish by 12.30 with seminars and time in the E&D zone planned to run until 16.30. Apprentices are not required for the afternoon but may wish to experience the zone. If you would like your apprentices to support the E&D Zone, please contact Archie Maxwell [email protected] confirm the number of apprentices available and what days they can support. 

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