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Apprenticeships UPDATE Publication of resources: Off-the-job training flowchart and top 5 myths

In response to feedback from employers, the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) have developed new products for employers about off-the-job training and guidance supporting young apprentices.

Off-the-job training

NAS have published a flowchart (see pdf’s below) to help employers determine which activities counts as off-the-job training, and a myth-busting document to counter five common myths. These are available on To supplement the myth-busting document, we have developed a series of myth-busting infographics which will be tweeted daily from their twitter page for the next three weeks. They are also currently updating the main off-the-job training guidance document – the updated version will soon be available

Supporting young apprentices

Young apprentices provide opportunities for employers to ‘grow their own’ and develop a crucial talent pipeline for businesses. Some young people may need some additional support to settle in to the workplace and reach their potential. This guide (see link and also attached) aims to help employers of all sizes and sectors provide effective support for apprentices aged 16 to 24. It includes:

  • steps employers can take to make their recruitment practices accessible for young people
  • examples of on-the-job support for young apprentices in the workplace
  • information on sources of additional funding which employers can use to support young apprentices.