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BEIS - Advanced Materials

The new UK National Security & Investment Act 2021 comes into effect fully from 4 January 2022. The Act gives the government powers to scrutinise and intervene in acquisitions that may pose national security risks. It also provides businesses and investors with predictable, legally defined timelines and processes for decisions on acquisitions. 

The Act requires particularly sensitive acquisitions to be approved by the government before they are completed. The government will be able to impose certain conditions on an acquisition and, in rare instances, the government may unwind or block an acquisition completely. Further information on the act as well as links to specific sector guidance can be found in the below toolkit message 

The NSI Stakeholder Digital Toolkits have been designed to provide businesses and investors with key information on the NSI Act that they can easily share within their sector, on their websites and in newsletters. The toolkits include website and newsletter copy, social media messaging and graphics, and links to the NSI published guidance. Industry bodies can choose what information they wish to use from the toolkits, which will be digitally updated by government when new information can be provided. The toolkit can be found here: 

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