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We have been contacted by a consultant who is working on behalf of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to inform energy policy in the UK, particularly in manufacturing.

They are researching industrial appliances as part of the Hy4Heat programme – there is more information on the web-site at  This is a BEIS funded programme that aims to explore whether replacing natural gas with 100% hydrogen for heating is feasible and could be part of a pathway to help meet decarbonisation targets.  This pathway may involve adapting the UK natural gas grid to deliver hydrogen, including converting industrial natural gas appliances to run on hydrogen.  To facilitate this study, they are looking for information on industrial site gas usage and appliances across all industrial sectors.

If you feel able to help them, you can access the questionnaire at  We are told that it should take around 20 minutes and includes questions on manufacturing processes, heating equipment and natural gas usage.  You can just fill the questions they are able and willing complete and to leave the others.  No industrial organisation names, contact details or sensitive data will be published without express consent from the organisation and any information collected will be used solely for this study.