In the link as audited by BSI in their case study which can be viewed here you will see that BSI are making AES Engineering Ltd the poster child of their campaign to get a piece of the Net Zero auditing business. More importantly they acknowledge that our business proved it was carbon neutral and frankly I know of no other business that has that proof.

It has become clear that it is a step to far for most organisations to Adopt a Policy to Prevent Global Warming, but many have their own policy. Even though there was no requirement to acknowledge AES Engineering Ltd or betterworld, most businesses have been unable to Adopt one in the format recommended.

Betterworld.Solutions is a best practice sharing organisation and it is not best practice to exclude those interested in saving the environment. It is not the bit of paper that matters, it is the actions that we take collectively.

As of today any interested party who is willing to receive or share best practice on environmental projects will be a welcome member of Betterworld.Solutions.

Betterworld.Solutions has made a difference, but we need more people to make a greater difference.

If you are not currently a member or follower and you would like to join to share best practice on environmental issues, please visit the website here:

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