The skills bootcamps site on has been updated, with the latest tranche of courses, including those in engineering and in digital skills.

Bootcamps are funded courses in England of up to 16 weeks for those looking for a job or for employers wanting to progress existing employees into more senior roles within the business.  The latter role is not immediately made clear on

Bootcamps have mostly been implemented at local level with a view to meeting locally-identified needs, with various bodies, including the Department for Education, local authorities and others running competitions, depending on what funding pot is available.  Courses are therefore mostly local to a region, although some are delivered online and available nationally. lists the availability of courses by region.

The term “bootcamp” has attracted criticism from various quarters for variously being too associated with the military, or aggressive, or not sufficiently business- or employment-focused.

In principle, bootcamps may have much to offer the engineering sector, not least in up-skilling existing employees.  We would welcome your feedback and comment in confidence, including:

Were you aware of bootcamps?

Are the current courses relevant to your business?

What would you like to see offered that is not currently available?

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Skills Bootcamps training providers – GOV.UK (

Find a Skills Bootcamp – Guidance – GOV.UK (

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