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Brexit and Export Licences

With the prospects of the UK exiting the European Union without Deal in place seemingly rising this week, one area where MTA members companies will want to make sure they are prepared is in Export Control.

Export Controls apply to many manufacturing technologies which have a so called ‘dual use’ and the system can be complex and cumbersome. Up to now UK exporters have not had to apply for licences to ship their goods to the EU, although they have had to do so in respect of most of the rest of the world. A No Deal exit will see that change.

All exporters of ‘dual use’ items to the EU will have to apply for a Open General Export License (OGEL). They will have to do this through the online SPIRE system. If you are not currently a user of the SPIRE system, and export dual use goods to the EU, you will need to register for it. This can be done here  If you are not familiar with SPIRE please be aware that registering is not that simple. Once registered it should then be reasonably easy to apply for a OGEL which will cover all your exports to the EU.

If you experience any problems, please contact the MTA and we will try to help you.

You can access a webinar run by the Department of International Trade which explains the changes  via this link the password is: QspZjM3B