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Brexit Preparations

The latest Brexit machinations have been some of the most controversial yet with the Prime Minister seeking to prorogue Parliament to deprive MPs of at least some of the time that they need to mount a challenge to his plan to leave the EU come-what-may on the 31st October. The process in Parliament and the courts will be fraught and tortuous, but what it means for Business is less obvious. Given the position taken it is very unlikely that the PM could survive backing down on the his pledge to leave on time and that significant progress on alternative arrangements for the Irish Border looks unlikely in the timescale, a No Deal exit must now be considered more likely than not. The most likely thing which would stop it is a General Election, and even that might not do so.

Therefore, planning for No Deal should be a priority for every business. Many MTA members are experienced international traders and will already understand the intricacies of importing and exporting, or have agents who do it for them; but if you have hitherto only dealt with the EU then you need to be aware that, at the very least, the paperwork is going to become more onerous and time consuming.

The MTA is a member of the Institute of Export and therefore our members are entitled to make use of its services and training courses. They are running a series of Post Brexit planning courses around the country; you can find out when and where through the list accessible here: To book call 01733 404400 and quote the name of the MTA’s Head of Membership Services and Events “James Fudge” to take advantage of the members’ discount (£299 rather than £399). In addition we are currently talking to BEIS and DIT to establish how we can make more information and resources – on subjects like Data compliance and Employment law - available to you and potentially your customers and suppliers. So please continue to watch this space.