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The UK government has published an updated Border Operating Model (BOM), which sets out the new arrangements for customs and border controls from January 2021.  The Brexit Transition Period ends at the end of this year and some new requirements will come into effect immediately, others in stages.

The updated BOM maps out intended locations of inland border infrastructure, including new lorry holding areas for carrying out checks on freight.

On the continental side, the EU has said that full checks will be in place from January, following the UK’s exit from the single market and customs union.  This is the source of much of the concern about delays to transport services in the early part of 2021, a result of which is the new KAP (Kent Access Permit), will be mandatory for HGVs using the short crossings between Kent and the continent.  The government has estimated that lorries could be delayed for up to two days.

The Engineering and Machinery Alliance will be hosting a webinar on key points for industry of the updated BOM, with presenters from the business department (BEIS) and HMRC.  The webinar is next Thursday, October 15th at 11am.  You can register for this webinar at;  after registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.  We will also be covering the take-aways from this in the Friday Brief.